For its 20th edition, Laval Virtual is supporting the artistic effervescence of the virtual and mixed reality field by highlighting the inherent connections between art and digital innovation and by creating an artistic cluster : Art&VR Factory.

From this aim is born Recto VRso : an internation festival of art and virtual and mixed realities, that will be held from April 3 to 11 at Laval (France).

It aims to present each year an official selection of artworks chosen by an international jury.

Laval Virtual wanted to put a real spotlight on known and emerging artists which artworks in virtual reality opens new perspectives. The selection aims to emphasis on the excellence and the artistic and sensorial diversity that this new creation palette brings.

Your application to this call makes you eligible to the selection of your art project by an international jury and to be exhibited with the Recto VRso Festival. You automatically become candidate to a prize award. You will also benefit of a full-access pass for Laval Virtual, including the access to the exhibition and the professional events, and an access to the Virtual Reality International Conference (VRIC).

The theme of this first edition of the Festival is : Real Matter / Virtual Matter



The application deadline is November 19th, 2017.

Annoucement of the selected : 16th of January 2018.


Mar 03 (varnishing) : 15h00-19h00

Mer 04 - Jeu 05 - Ven 06 : 11h30-21h30

Sam 07 - Dim 08 : 10h00-19h00


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« We want to interest the spectator, get him out of inhibitions, let him relax.We want to involve him.
We want to put him in a situation that he causes and that he alters.We want him to shift towards interaction with other spectators. We want to develop in him a high capacity of perception and action. »

Assez de mystification, G.R.A.V. Manifesto,1963.



With the emergence of digital, the participative and the environmental installation of the 60’s became interactive and immersive : the spectator dives into a virtual world and can interact within it in a pseudo-natural way.

Since the 80’s and the beginning of its expansion, virtual reality offers to the artists a wonderful medium with a large potential of immersion, interaction and presence. It allows them to create new artistic forms. How can it take the spectator into other possibles ? How can it explore other representation paths ?

This Recto VRso Festival’s first edition, with the exhibition Real Matter / Virtual Matter, want to allow the exploration of those axis of creation in perspective with the historical background of the virtual and mixed reality field.

We want to question the technological object as much as the hybridation between reality and virtuality. With art and virtual or mixed reality installations, the artist can deconstruct their medium, he can interrogate the real-time interaction, the immersion into a virtual world, the notion of space, the presence as a narrative or conceptual vector, the relationship aesthetic that rises between the spectator and the artwork and / or the real-virtual continuum as a dynamic of creation.      


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