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Clap & Zap Production is based at the Plaine Image, a cluster dedicated to new media near Lille, in France. The company exists since 2014, and in 2015, in partnership with Holodia and Panocam 3D, created the first VR / 360 ° short film "Other Side".

Strengthened by this success, Clap & Zap Production is totaly launching in the production of 360 ° video content. The company produces 360 ° commercial videos and 360 ° feature films. The team is made up of artists from cinema and theater, storytelling and staging is a priority in all their creations.

Clap & Zap team will introduce you to the Laval mainstream film "Le Dernier Héros", a 360 ° interractive comedy inspired by a geeky universe. Synopsis: "Boughts by a french production company, Nick Furie and his mates have lost their superpowers, and they have an appointment with the last super hero, the only one who has not lost them, but who is he?" . The Last Hero has spatialized sound, and a clickable end per hotspot system.

Thecompany is actually developping other project: Last Moment, a project combining VR, 360 ° video and bodyscan, 10 'dans la peau d'un King, a  360° documentary  and the continuation of "Le Dernier Héros", 360° serial.

Clap & Zap Production's CEO, Maud Clavier, is a member of UNI-VR. She organized the first meeting of UNI-VR outside Paris on January 19, and plans to continue to support the actions of Uni-Vr in the north of France.

Our fields of activity

  • 360 film
  • VR
  • storytelling
  • storymaking

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