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Tayutau is a Japanese Game Development Company with many experienced developers. We are actively concentrating on new technology and art styles. We are also working to create unique and interesting experiences using VR.  

"Last Labyrinth" A virtual reality "escape-the-room" adventure game for PlayStation VR, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and other VR devices.

The game is being developed by Tayutau, a Japanese game development studio. In Last Labyrinth, you are trapped in a old mansion with a mysterious girl. Your movements are restricted because you are tied to a wheelchair. With the help of the mysterious girl, you solve puzzles and evade the traps throughout the mansion. The game has many horror and puzzle elements.

The concept for this game is "a new adventure game for the VR age" and it is directed by Hiromichi Takahashi, director of the game "Doko Demo Issyo" (1999, PlayStation), which sold over 1 million units in Japan. In addition, members from the development teams of "ICO" (2001, PlayStation 2) and "Deception" (1999, PlayStation) will also be taking part in the game's development.

A preview version of the game was released at the Tokyo Game Show 2016 and received favorable reviews from those who played it, with a waiting line extending to a maximum of three hours long. It was even nominated for the indies category of the Media Awards at the show. Despite only being a preview version, the game received attention from major gaming and other media outlets in Japan and was even published on a number of overseas gaming media and VR media outlets, causing a stir worldwide.


“When you come to, you awaken in an unknown house. You try to stand up from the chair you’re seated in, but are unable to move. When you look down at your body you find that you’re tied up with restraining devices. Even your wrists are tied down, and you can’t move them. You’re sitting in what appears to be a wheelchair. In the corner of your eye, you sense someone’s presence: a mysterious girl appears before you, staring at you with cold eyes.”

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