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SoWhen? is a digital art studio based in Paris that specializes in modern imaging technologies for the sole purpose of designing and producing innovative entertainment programs, since its creation in 2010.

That is why, for us, VR -AR, holograms, 3D, computer generated images, VFX, motion design, application development, etc. are merely techniques intended to create contents and emotions for user experience.

Aeronautics, Automobile, Defence, Energy, Luxury, Mass Distribution, Health, Telephony, etc., various lines of businesses have become playing fields of our creativity.

To achieve this, we have created a LAB in 2012. It represents 20 % of our investments today and continuously monitors latest trends, new products, new uses while striving to deflect proven technologies from their initial vocation.

SoWhen? is also a member of the OZO Pioneer Program of Nokia Technologies, which makes it the point of contact for the OZO camera business and the OZO live processes in France today.

We even won an award for best 360°short film at the international festival "Paris Court Devant 2016" for co-producing the film « LifeLine » that we invite you to discover its premiere on our stand.

Our fields of activity

  • Virtual Reality
  • Presence Capture

TAGS : Marketing & Communication, Games & Entertainment, R&D & tendances

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SoWhen? - VR/AR Contents Area
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