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BROTHAZ will make the consumer mass market a key driver of VR

BROTHAZ is the LEGO of the video-first age: A creative wonderland of VR storytelling that will revolutionize the crowds sharing of life. Super intuitive App modules combine cutting edge IP technology with hip content for the consumer’s creative VR video production empowerment. Grab your Mobile, put it in the VR Goggles, take the controller and “ACTION!”. Dive into the hip retro-style VR Record Store and become the director of Bob and Rashid: two cross-culture buddies reflecting todays Zeitgeist in the successful tradition of famous Walldorf & Stadler (Muppets Show) or Beavis & Butt-Head (MTV). Moreover, slip into the characters and become an actor yourself! Walk, talk, move, dance and speak with your own voice: Record all dialogues with your smartphone’s mic. The App takes care of lipsyncing and facial expressions, automatically. Choose the Record Store’s look. Add cool beats from the BROTHAZ collection, or use your own SoundCloud and Spotify library. Save your masterpiece. Tell your VR story. Surprise your brothaz out there. Become a VR artist and rock it.

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