Mint Team - Hall 4


With a helmet on your head and controllers in your hands, you suddenly find yourself on a dancefloor, surrounded by absurd-looking enemies. That dancefloor is yours, and you will have to use your fists in time to music to win. Fun, dance and boxing, that is the explosive cocktail brought to you by Mint Tea.”

“Mint Tea” is a video game grounded in the tradition of arcade games. It proposes an innovative, rhythmic and convivial gameplay, notably by taking advantage of the possibilities of Virtual Reality. It can be considered both as a real active and sportive experience but also as a kind of performance that can be observed from the outside.

The project was created by 4 students of the ATI department of Paris 8 University. ATI offers a general training in computer graphics in order to prepare the students to work in creative fields: animated movies, special effects, video games, virtual and augmented reality, digital art installations and interactive performance. ATI’s philosophy rests on the desire to provide both artistic and technical skills, by associating the teaching of programming alongside with independent, artistic experimentations.

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