1 - Time Rescue ⭐ Winners


Time Rescue” is a cooperative escape game in mixed reality, developed by Arts et Métiers ParisTech Laval.

Due to a failed spatiotemporal experiment, you are stuck in the past. Your only hope to travel back to the present time is your friend. But… he will only be able to use the time machine once he has found the secret code.

You thus need to collaborate with him in order to find the essential clues to decipher the code. Even though the clues are located around your friend, only you can detect them and indicate their positions to him.

In order to communicate with your friend, you are in possession of an inter-temporal communication device. It allows both of you to write on the walls across different periods in time. Moreover, you can visualize your friend in real time through a Head Mounted Display, due to a camera located in the game area. By activating physical buttons, your friend can interact with your virtual world and he might, one step at a time, be able to bring you back to the present.

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1 - Time Rescue ⭐ Winners
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