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In 2250, humanity created the first artificial intelligence and used it for military purposes. The AI, judging Men weak, she declares a large-scale war against them when she left the earth to establish her own utopian world. During this war, personalities stand out on both sides. On the human side, it is Captain Taylor, a fervent soldier of the army, who shows the values of the Men. On the machine side, it is the cruel and Machiavellian General Geno, one of the greatest creation of the AI, which tilts the balance on his side.


In this virtual game, you play as Captain Taylor aboard his spaceship: NOVA. Besieged by General Geno and his army of Drones. They wish to acquire your cargo. Take control of your ship by fighting them. To be done, you are equipped with a laser arc and repulsive grenades. However, be careful, your oxygen supply is limited.


Throughout your adventure you will advance into a world of science fiction where the environment will be your best ally. You'll have to make your way to the cockpit of your ship, General Geno will be waiting for you.


On the real side, you are immersed in virtual reality using a HTC VIVE headset. You move inside a surface of 9 m² and access the teleporter to change level.

For general public use, we have set up three levels of difficulty.


It's up to you, Captain.

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Nova ⭐ Interactivity award Nova ⭐ Interactivity award
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